Here are some of my Science Fiction based works.

Starfleet Command ( Computer Art) Print Only £15

Judge Benefits ( Pencil) £65

Security Alert ( Pencils) £55

Off Duty, Megacity One

Babylon 5

I've always been interested in the Centauri and the Vorlons.

The Centauri have six cocks, so a young Centauri lad could have a lot of fun on his own...

The Joy of Six (inks) £55

...or he could have fun with a friend...

The Vorlons, on the other hand go about in encounter suits...

Encounter Suit (sold)

...and can change their appearance to suit their circumstances- often taking the guise of angels.

Angel (inks) £55

Meanwhile, on Earth, there is the Psicorp and the Psicops

Psi Training (inks) £55

And here are some more science fiction, superhero and manga based works