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This series was inspired by Tom of Finland's sequential drawings

Prints available for £5 per page ( plus P & P)

The Prince Arrives

Catching the King's Eye

The Prince is Seized

The Prince is Ravished

The Prince's Ravishment Continues

The Prince and His Ravishers Climax

The Prince  is Accepted at Court


My first sex comic, Elfsex 1, was about Cutter and Skywise taking Scouter's cherry, but this did not scan well when reduced and was hard to read. Also it used copyrighted characters, so I wouldn't be able to sell it.

I have found three pages that reproduce well , which are (0bviously) not for sale

I created my own characters and ,in Elfsex 2


If you would like a copy of Elfsex 2 in A5 format, it costs £10 plus P&P.

Elfsex 3 is in production...

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